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3D Printing Ventures

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Our team of experienced venture consultants guides our portfolio companies through development of a comprehensive business plan, professionally designed pitch deck and the formation of content collateral to support their 3D printing business model.

We provide intensive coaching and development sessions to ensure management teams are prepared and ready to deliver presentations that result in closing financing rounds.

Once confidently prepped to pitch investors, we utilize the strength of social media and our 3D printing industry networks to match each 3D printing venture with targeted investors with a track record of previously financing 3D printing companies. We follow this with our unique approach to investor relations to secure follow on rounds and successful exits.

We serve as matchmakers, pairing the most innovative 3D printing companies with the most appropriate accredited angel and institutional investors. The investors we match with founders understand the 3D printing space and provide unique insight and value when positioning the company for a round of financing or acquisition.