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3DRevEng – 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services


Full Description

3DRevEng is a Surrey based 3D laser scanning company providing CAD Modeling, Reverse Engineering Services, CMM Inspection and Rapid Prototypes for any industry since 2009. We offer professional 3D scanning that produces highly accurate scan data that can be processed to create editable solid CAD models compatible with your existing CAD software using Geomagic Design X, which is the industry’s most comprehensive reverse engineering software.

Our affordable 3D scanning service allows us to capture every detail of your part with the use of lasers; we can convert physical objects into precise digital models quickly and accurately.

Our service experts are here to help you. Email to info@3DRevEng.com or call (604) 910-0165. For more details, visit http://www.3dreveng.com