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Casting House

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Since 1987, Casting House has combined cutting-edge technology with the premier craftsmanship to provide our clients with the highest quality products. Headquartered in the historic Jewelers’ District of downtown Chicago, Casting House provides full-service custom jewelry manufacturing solutions; including CAD design, rapid model prototyping, precious metal casting and finishing, to over 2000 jewelers throughout the U.S. and internationally. We also offer a full catalog line of finished jewelry.

Since our inception, Casting House has been a leader at adopting and showcasing the latest technology in the jewelry industry. From being one of the first to showcase EnvisionTec technology for CAM and Matrix with CAD, we have always had a focus on using cutting-edge technology with a single focus; to provide the highest-quality products for our clients. And that focus remains the mission of Casting House to this day.