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  • Peninsula Print & Design Ltd

    Peninsula Print & Design Ltd

    Excellence in 3D Printing Solutions

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    Based in Northern Ireland Peninsula Print & Design Ltd have over 30 years of design experience, providing fresh and creative services. Focusing on results, we use our technical skill and industry insight to help you achieve your goals.
  • Peregrine 360

    Peregrine 360

    You imagine it, we make it

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    We exist to bridge the gap between a design idea, and the conversion of that idea into a 3D design and a functional prototype. Our designs, mechanical, and electrical engineers can rapidly turn your design ideas into fully functional prototypes.
  • 3DPhacktory


    3D Printing and Design Studio

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    High Resolution 3D Printing and Design Located in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood.
  • SOLS Systems

    SOLS Systems

    Step Into the Future, Step Into SOLS

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    Founded in July 2013, SOLS Systems is a leader in the 3D printing space and a pioneer of custom mass-manufacturing technology focused on enabling the personalization of everyday wearables.
  • Fathom


    What Can You Fathom?

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    FATHOM™ is a product development company and 3D printing specialist that utilizes advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing to help its customers take their ideas into a physical form quickly and efficiently.
  • The Clemons Coding Company

    The Clemons Coding Company

    Where 3D Design Takes Shape

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    We're a team of designers and developers who put the power of 3D software design into your hands.
  • Kraftwurx


    Infinite Possibilities™ - The Worlds Platform for 3D Printing in the cloud...

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    Kraftwurx is the world's leading platform for quality custom products designed by you for you through 3D printing. Kraftwurx empowers individuals, professional artists, engineers and designers to design and sell virtually anything you can imagine, designed in 3D and made in 3D.
  • Bathsheba Sculpture

    Bathsheba Sculpture

    Finding Beauty in Geometry

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    I make sculpture, this is my gallery and storefront.
  • Denali 3D Design

    Denali 3D Design

    You have an idea. Let's make it real!

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    Only recently have rapid prototyping technologies been made widely available to small businesses and individuals. While the technology is powerful, it requires knowledge of material properties, limitations, and processes involved in creating the best product possible.