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  • LPE Ltd

    LPE Ltd

    Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing Services from UK & Ireland's longest established service bureau.

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    An ISO 9001 & 13485 accredited Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing Service bureau, LPE offers customers access to the very latest and best in Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing materials and technologies.
  • Materialise


    Innovators You Can Count On

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    Materialise incorporates more than 25 years of 3D printing experience into a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form the backbone of the 3D printing industry.
  • Laser Prototypes Europe Ltd

    Laser Prototypes Europe Ltd

    Europes Leading Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Bureau

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    Established to realize the potential of Rapid Prototyping within the UK and Ireland, LPE has emerged as a market leader in Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing Technologies.


    SLA: Giant in Rapid Prototyping

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    SLA rapid prototyping is the fastest way to make parts and prototypes. It allows for higher precision than rapid molding methods like reaction injection molding and vacuum casting.
  • 3D Print Australia

    3D Print Australia

    Digital Manufacturing

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    3D Print AU was setup to help consumers and designers get their digital designs made at the lowest price whilst providing absolutely the very best quality prints. We use the same production machines that our European competitors use, just with much shorter lead times and better pricing.
  • Midwest Prototyping

    Midwest Prototyping

    It Begins Here. Specialists in additive manufacturing, low volume production, and rapid prototyping.

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    Specialists in additive manufacturing, low volume production, and rapid prototyping. We utilize CAD designs and create physical models using 3D printing and state-of-the-art technology.
  • 3D Printing New Orleans

    3D Printing New Orleans

    Think.Print 3D is the first walk-in full service 3D printing studio in Louisiana.

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    Think.Print 3D offers engineering, printing, modeling, consulting, and even a place to sit down and think.
  • 3D Hubs

    3D Hubs

    Local 3D Printing

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    At 3D Hubs we believe everyone should have easy access to 3D Printing. We do this by connecting people who want to print to the people owning the machines.
  • Fathom


    What Can You Fathom?

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    FATHOM™ is a product development company and 3D printing specialist that utilizes advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing to help its customers take their ideas into a physical form quickly and efficiently.
  • QuickParts


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    Quickparts Solutions, from 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD), is a manufacturing services company dedicated to providing customers with an online e-commerce system to procure low and high-volume custom manufactured parts.