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  • 3DRevEng


    3DRevEng – 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services

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    3DRevEng offers state-of-the-art high quality 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services since 2009. Call: 604-910-0165
  • 3D Figure Works

    3D Figure Works

    3D Products Featuring You!

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    3D FigureWorks uses 3D imaging, 3d Modeling and 3D Printing to create personalized products that feature the user. They take the concept of a personalized bobblehead to the next level. By offering personalize figurines of people and pets, 3D FigureWorks offers great gift ideas for loved ones.
  • Artec 3D

    Artec 3D

    Hand-Held 3D Scanners

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    The Artec Group, offering a professional 3D scanning software, develops and manufactures innovative solutions and products.
  • Applications 3D

    Applications 3D

    3D Digitizing Systems and Services

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    Applications 3D provides resourceful solutions to your most demanding problems. We provide expert services in reverse engineering, non contact digitizing, Inspection/ Quality control, FEA and CAD.
  • 3D3 Solutions

    3D3 Solutions

    3D Scanning Made Simple

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    Our 3D scanners create detailed 3D models directly from real world objects. These easy to use systems capture high accuracy 3D measurements for inspection, medical analysis and visualization.
  • 3D Digital Corp

    3D Digital Corp

    Global Leader in Scanning Technology

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    3D Digital Corp is a global leader in 3D scanning technology. The company has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete.