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  • Bioprinting World

    Bioprinting World

    Medical Applications of 3D Printing - Bioprinting Human Organs and Tissue Engineering

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    Bioprinting World is your source for the latest bioprinting news on human tissue engineering, 3d printed human organs, wound healing, biomolecular cell and organ printing and more. Read our latest blog posts, join our discussions, subscribe to our newsletter. Discover this new scientific technology of bioprinting and its medical applications.
  • Organovo


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    Organovo are a bioprinting pioneer who produce a 3D bioprinter called the Novogen MMX.
  • envisionTEC


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    envisionTEC develops, produces and sells Computer Aided Modeling Devices (CAMOD), including hardware, software, and materials. envisionTEC offers innovative solutions in Solid Freeform Fabrication for end users.