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Layer By Layer

Full Description

We created the Layer By Layer Marketplace because we believe that by providing users with a central platform where they can easily find and print great products, we can advance the 3D printing industry. Right now, the technology is too inaccessible for non-technical consumers to find useful, and the majority are left asking, “What can I actually do with this?” It’s our job to change that.

Discover a new world of great things to print. We’re building a 3d printing marketplace of the best printable products available. Because designers are offering prints, not files, you’ll have access to better quality 3D products than ever before.

All products on Layer By Layer are pre-sliced for your printer, so you never have to worry about files, print settings, or slicers. L2L delivers your products exactly how the designer intended them to be printed, so you always get top quality.

Finally, a way to safely share your printable designs with the 3D printing community. Sign up to be a designer, and help build the future of 3D printing.