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Mahersoft | 3D Printer Manufacturer | 3D Printing Services in India

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Mahersoft | 3D Printer Manufacturer | 3D Printing Services in India

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At MaherSoft we believe in building products that push the limits of innovations and challenge the status quo. We believe in exceeding our customer expectation by delivering superior customer value and evoking deep emotions with our products. We enjoy working in complex environments, solving problems that exist at the intersection of multiple fields.

Building 3D Printers is easy. Building reliable 3D Printers is definitely not. At Maher Soft we bought the leading consumer grade 3D Printers and they failed our basic benchmark tests. This frustration led us to build our own 3D Printers. We built an Industrial grade 3D Printer: Indie, with 5000+ hours of testing this high precision dual nozzle 3D Printer is the most reliable 3D Printer in India. Building on our experience we built a consumer grade 3D Printer: Max. The Price to value proposition of Max makes us the leading consumer grade 3D Printer in India. We are shortly going to be launching Indie Desktop 3D Printer. This 3D Printer has been grounds up designed in India. We are using a combination of Industrial grade parts, conventional manufacturing techniques and 3D Printed parts to deliver a superior value proposition to our customer.

Maher Soft is from the house of Akbarallys and Wockhardt. We have been able to achieve engineering and marketing excellence because the Founder and CEO, Mohammed Khorakiwala has worked in highly competitive companies like Qualcomm in the U.S.A. Furthermore, his experience at Akbarallys have inculcated deep insight into consumer behavior and customer service. Maher Soft is combining their deep engineering and marketing knowledge and delivering a seamless 3D Printing experience.