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MQB 3D design

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Looking for consultation or a designer for your 3D printing projects? MQB is an Italian startup specialized exactly in that. Get in contact to discuss your project with them. The team of MQB is always looking forward to helping you design exactly the product or product range you immagined.

We like to call ourselves a “modern workshop.”

In the Renaissance the creatives conceived an idea, developed it in all its aspects and translated it, thanks to a team effort, into possibilities. With the contribution of craftsmen, the idea was then realized and delivered to the world in highest quality.

And that’s how we do it at MQB Srl.

Augmented artisans

Our studio is a creative workshop where we tackle our projects: design, implementation, communication, marketing and distribution. We create innovative products with high technological content, in different sizes and materials, applicable in various sectors.

We operate in different fields: industrial design, architecture, computer graphics, car design, social advertising, trade show and retail design. We step in to develop synergies that lead to innovative and interesting strategies.