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Protofab: Rapid 3D Prototyping Services

To Make Rapid Prototyping a Strong Factor of Success

Protofab: Rapid 3D Prototyping Services

Full Description

Strong structure depends upon strong foundation; Protofab located in Mumbai and Founded by a strong team of proactive engineers and dedicated experts in the field of Rapid Prototyping.

As a Service Provider we at Protofab believe in Providing our best Services to our valued clients in catering to them with minimum time line of delivery. We use the latest technologies in Rapid Prototyping, which gives quality standard 3D models from the given designs and make their imagination come true.

The main advantage at Protofab is it works closely with customers from concept to production by using the in house facility for Prototyping, we use various technologies like SLA, FDM and SHS, by using a wide range of materials to give different output in 3D Printing and modelling.