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Device-independent 3D SLS/SLM printing/rapid prototyping software


Full Description

RepliSLS3D is an integrated solution for nearly all kinds of 3D printing, laser sintering, additive manufacturing, stereolithography and other rapid prototyping applications. It supports a lot of different hardware from scratch, provides several features which are not common to this kind of software and supports Windows™ and Linux ™.
It is available as software-only solution as well as an integrated package which comes with suitable controller hardware for fast, easy and an as uncomplicated as possible set-up of a new system.

Beside many other useful functions RepliSLS3D offers the following key features:

  • support for all relevant laser scanner controllers and for several XY(Z) plotter/stage controllers
  • easy to use software with support for 2.5D (motion-controlled Z-stage) and real 3D hardware (scanheads with Z-axis)
  • support of many different 3D formats like STL, PLY, RWX, OBJ, CLI
  • import of multiple 3D files
  • auto-arranging of imported 3D models for same build space
  • many different slice parameters
  • automatic generation of support structures
  • fast slicing
  • unlimited number of advanced hatches can be applied to both, slices and support structures
  • complex and alternating pen parameters for every slice
  • custom process parameters can be controlled separately
  • programming interface/SDK to add support for new motion or process control plug-ins easily
  • optionally bundled with hardware certified to work smoothly with this software
  • complex control operations between slices can be defined freely (including communication with other devices, synchronisation with external equipment, direct control of motion stages)
  • automatic optimisation of vector data before processing to save time and computing power
  • control the whole process including laser scanheads, XY stages, lasers, extruders, motion stages and separate equipment such as heaters or temperature control devices
  • support of up to eight independent axes via two different motion control plug-ins plus one additional axis for a Z-shifter/focus-shifter
    support of widely configurable user and user privilege management