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Rize One

The only zero-post-processing, industrial-class office 3D printer

Rize One

Full Description

Industrial 3D printer users make numerous sacrifices throughout the additive manufacturing process, from file to printed product. These power users need to 3D print industrial-quality parts on demand, quickly, safely and affordably, wherever they are needed.

Rize™ One, powered by our patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology, eliminates those sacrifices, setting a new standard for turnaround speed in industrial 3D printers that exist as comfortably and safely on desktops as they do in labs. APD involves the simultaneous extrusion of our own compound of medical- and engineering-grade thermoplastic and jetting selective functional additives at each voxel (3D pixel) to change material properties. In our first printer, Rize One, these additives are Release One, for quick, clean support release and Marking Ink, for detailed 3D printed text and images.

The only zero-post-processing 3D printer, Rize One eliminates required and time-consuming, messy and toxic support removal, coating and sanding, producing a usable part anywhere exponentially faster than any other method. Gone are messy and toxic post-processing materials, special hookups and space required for post-processing devices and hours of expensive labor to deal with it.

Our thermoplastic is 2X stronger than FDM, stronger than polycarbonate and isotropic (uniform in x, y and z axes). Other 3D printers cannot produce isotropic parts. Parts made with Rize One are also watertight and biocompatible. And, you can 3D print detailed text and images directly onto the parts.

3D printers should be safe and environmentally friendly throughout the entire process – with Green materials and without toxic particle emissions and harmful materials, which isn’t the case with today’s 3D printers. Rize One is the only office-safe 3D printer.

With its slick color and interesting modern angles, Rize One is the kind of high-tech equipment forward-thinking engineers are proud to have on their desktops. It is large enough to include a 300MMx200MMx150MM build plate that accommodates 80% of parts printed, yet compact enough at 543MMx915MMx644MM to sit on a desk.

The unique industrial design also makes the printer easier to use in an office or classroom setting. A gull-wing door permits easy visibility of the part(s) at every stage of the build and access to the inside of the printer while the user is sitting or standing. A high-resolution graphical touch-screen display makes it easy and convenient to operate and monitor and can be clearly seen from across an office or classroom. Rize One uniquely holds two filament spools and includes an automatic spool hot swap capability to avoid running out of material during builds and reduce material waste.

Rize One is transforming how products are designed and manufactured. Iteration is the key to innovation and industrial users need to iterate faster than ever to remain competitive. But post-processing adds hours and cost onto the 3D printing process. With isotropic, industrial parts available for immediate use after printing, Rize One enables engineers to produce parts up to 100% faster than other systems and cut costs by more than 50%, exponentially speeding the entire R&D process and improving designs.