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3D Figure Works

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3D FigureWorks uses 3D imaging, 3d Modeling and 3D Printing to create personalized products that feature the user. They take the concept of a personalized bobblehead to the next level. By offering personalize figurines of people and pets, 3D FigureWorks offers great gift ideas for loved ones.

Their technology produces an incredibly detailed miniature model for those who have always wanted a mini-me or an angel and devil of themselves the way cartoon characters used to weigh conscious decisions. But the fun doesn’t stop there, 3DFigureWorks will also create any design that you want, so long as it can be scanned.

Imagine playing chess with each piece being an actual miniature of both sides of a wedding party or even your own family, if you’ve got lots of aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters – 3DFigureWorks can make it happen!