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ARRK Product Development Group USA, INC.

Bringing Designs & Ideas to Life Since 1948.

ARRK Product Development Group USA, INC.

Full Description

ARRK is one of the world’s largest product development specialists. ARRK’s origins date back to 1948 in Osaka, Japan and it’s evolution into a global leader of product development.

Over time the business has grown through a process of acquisitions and mergers resulting in an organization today that has companies strategically located around the world. The ARRK Corporation has over 3,300 employees and over 20 locations worldwide.

ARRK is committed to investing in both new technology and additional technical personnel to continue its role as an innovative market leader. We are committed to having the best Realization Team around the world to create a diverse culture of exchanging ideas. ARRK is experienced in communicating with designers, engineers, management and marketers, and filtering information into a single vision that attains your need for speed, cost-efficiency and end game manufacturability.

The ARRK Corporation is completely focused on maintaining and improving quality standards, ensuring our clients receive a superior caliber of product and service. We are dedicated to craftsmanship and quality is non-negotiable.

We are a customer-centric company and the only way we know how to do business is to build a partnership from day one. ARRK’s product development and customer achievements can be found across all industries with an emphasis on medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense.