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Why Will 3D Printing Happen Fast- From the Book How to 3D Print Money

Fast is referring to the adoption of 3d printing as a business and consumer tool.


It’s mobile. It goes with you. It puts power in the hands of the consumer. It makes little businesses look like big businesses. It evens the playing field. We don’t even know the capabilities. We don’t know where the technology is heading. It opens up whole new industries. It opens markets. It builds better competition. It forces businesses to rethink their business models. It’s a cottage industry and it’s a conglomerate. Some of us knew about the technology for years. Some of us are just discovering it, but can already compete with the “old guard.”

Of course, we are talking about voice mail here, right? No, this must be cell phone technology. Actually, wasn’t this what everyone was saying about downloadable music?

Can’t some nasal off-tune singer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin upload a song to ITunes and compete with The Beatles?

Actually, all the technologies below had similar reviews and commentary:

Copy machines

Fax Machines

Voice Mail

Cell Phones

The Internet

Portable Radios


Downloadable music

Movies on demand

Voice over IP

Smart phones



Tablet computers

GPS devices

Mobile media

and the list goes on…

What happened with, say, copy machines? For decades large firms were the only ones who could afford them. As demand increased, copy shops started opening up (like Kinkos) and small businesses as well as consumers could get their copies at these copy shops. Then came small business and personal copiers. Now there is one on my desk that cost $99 and scans, prints, acts a fax machine and copies in color. This all took 25 years? 3d printing has been around for about 25 years, but now the small business and consumer boom is happening

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